How I Survived My First Week in Tampa

It was the beginning of summer when we transferred to our new home in Tampa. My husband just got a promotion and a new assignment. We were happy about everything except for the fact that we have to transfer to Tampa where my husband was assigned.

We were elated to discover the cheap cost of living. With the raise my husband got and the reduced living costs, I looked forward to being able to save some money. We are planning to have a baby soon and this seems to be the right time.

Our new apartment is quite roomy, with three bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and a bathroom in each room upstairs and another one downstairs. After I unpacked our meager belongings, I decided to go shopping for groceries.

I have been studying the map of our area and I am sure that I can drive to the grocery store and back home without losing my way. One thing I noticed right away is the light traffic. Used to the terrible traffic in Miami, I found driving in Tampa a great pleasure. I bought enough supplies for the whole week as I was planning to do some repainting and redecorating. Before we came here, I was apprehensive but now, I feel happy that we did.

With my husband leaving for work every day, I was able to work on my project without any interruptions. It took me three days to do all the rooms. During this time, I seldom went out and I am still on the smile-and-nod stage with my neighbors.

On my fourth day in our new home, I ventured outside to tidy up our terrace. The woman next door was also tending her plants on her terrace and we introduced ourselves. She is about my age and her husband is also working in a government office in Tampa. Like me, she has no baby yet.

We instantly hit it off and the next day, she took me around. She introduced me to her hairdresser, her favorite coffee house, and to the different shops in town. I realized we have similar tastes. I got my hair trimmed, had a manicure and pedicure, and I bought a new dress. We shopped for groceries and I got a bottle of excellent wine.

That night, I told my husband about my day and he was happy that I found a new friend in this new place.

I was able to adjust easily to my new environment and with my new friend, I was able to survive my first week in Tampa. With the good people living here, I felt thankful that my husband was given this new assignment that brought us to Tampa – a lovely, affordable, and friendly place.